Iolanda Tavares, nascida na primavera de 1999

Currently living in Castelo Branco, Portugal

Since a very young age, I travelled a lot with my family for innumerous parts of the globe. Having these journeys as a part of my life and also for having such a multinationality family, the urge to travel and to see new things never stopped growing.

With these journeys, also came along photography, especially story-telling. For me, the best photograph is the one that makes you think about the stories behind it. So, with this blog, I share with you a personal side, telling you all of my adventures the best way I can. 

I hope you feel inspired with my work and with my stories. This blog is just the purest myself with a sense of creativity and originality. 

Therefore, welcome to my little warm corner of the web where I welcome you to adventure with me and escape the humdrum outside. May you leave feeling refreshed and knowing you will always be welcomed back, any time.